JURBAN Google Lunar X-Prize

  • A "REAL LIFE" mission to the Moon!
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  • Contact CEO@solarsystemexpress.com         for more info and to join
  • We need people from all works of life to make space a thriving enterprise. So artists, lawyers, business people, and sociologist please join us as we change the future of humanity forever!

Simple example
Real life example

Solar System Express - Hybrid Rocket

Rocket Science1

  • A hybrid rocket is a rocket which uses propellants in two different states of matter - one solid and the other either gas or liquid.
  • Hybrid rockets exhibit advantages over both liquid rockets and solid rockets especially in terms of simplicity, safety, and cost.

Why SEDS & Solar System Express partnered?

  • Hands-on learning experience for SEDS students.
  • Development of real space hardware at a reduced cost for Sol-X.

Project Documentation:


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